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– Thomas A. Edison

Turning is a mechanical operation that consists of machining a wide variety of rotating bodies (cylinders, cones, balls), as well as threads of any profile, on special machine tools called lathes.

These machine tools operate by rotating the workpiece while one or more cutting tools are pushed into a controlled feed motion against the surface of the part, removing the chip according to the conditions of the appropriate machining technology.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the CNC lathe has become a basic machine in the industrial machining process.

The services of turning, milling and grinding of parts can use materials such as special steels, stainless steels, aluminum, bronze or technical plastics with all types of heat and surface treatments, hardening, case-hardening, anodizing, etc. …

Our technical department is at your disposal to study your project without any commitment and to advise you on the opportunities and possibilities that we can offer to reduce costs and industrial productivity.

Numerically controlled programming virtually eliminates errors.

Our company has 51 CNC machines and staff trained to handle, supervise and manage the quality of the resulting products.

Our quality control department is responsible for the supervision and management of machining processes and CNC lathes, for adequate quality and therefore complies with the ISO 9001 quality standards that the company owns.

We claim that CNC lathes and micrometers used by trained personnel are key components of quality production.

Our company has over 45 years of experience in turning and machining services with the highest precision.

Allows our technical department to evaluate your needs for a non-binding assessment and to provide answers for cost reduction.

Our services can be applied in all areas of processing, these are some of them.

CNC Turning for the automotive industry
CNC lathe for the aerospace industry
Turning lathe for the railway industry
CNC lathe for the metal industry
CNC Turning for the nuclear industry
Turning Services for the Aerospace Industry


A good quality finish


Less time and energy than other processes


Easy machine control

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