Tool Sharpening

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We specialize in Tool & Cutter Grinders

The re-sharpening has the task of regenerating the active edges of the males, worn out during processing using sharpening system and CNC grinders.

It is of great importance for the correct exploitation of the same, guaranteeing its initial mechanical characteristics.

It is therefore essential that it comes in a fractional way, avoiding incorrect systems that would compromise its accuracy and durability.

It is important to sharpen the male in time when it shows signs of wear. By not intervening beforehand, the consumption of the male cutting edge is increased. The unsharpened tool increases the torque and can lead to the breakage of the male itself.

Our technical department is at your disposal to study your project without any commitment and to advise you on the opportunities and possibilities that we can offer to reduce costs and industrial productivity.

To resharpen a male correctly Cutting Tools & Cutter Grinders , is necessary to use special sharpening machines.

Our CNC machines are equipped with the necessary technology to achieve maximum precision and quality.

Based on 45 years of experience in machining, turning, milling, grinding and sharpening, we specialize in Tool & Cutter Grinders.

We resharpen the mouth and grooves, two very difficult sharpening, but that we perform with the highest precision and quality, ensuring durability and performance.

Thanks to our experience in male affiliates, we are technologically trained to provide other services such as sharpening cutting tools and additional services such as:


Sharpening of cutting tools


Sharpening of tips


Sharpening of inserts


Sharpening of cutting tools profiles


Sharpening tools heads

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