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The grinding machine is a machine tool used to finish metal parts with high dimensional precision and shape.

The grinding process consists of removing material in the form of very small chips using a grinding wheel, and was developed in response to the need to adjust the finish of turned parts, where the heat treatment produces some deformation, (an essential aspect in the early development of the automotive industry).

The grinding wheel used by the grinding machine is characterized by a high number of abrasive grains maintained in the desired shape thanks to a binder. This allows a much higher cutting speed than other machining operations.

It seems that the first grinding wheel was designed in 1843, but only when the appropriate mechanical tools were available could grinding be described as an abrasive operation other than grinding, polishing or sharpening.

The first-round grinding machine was built in 1860. In 1880 a device for internal grinding was coupled to a cylindrical grinding machine and the first universal grinding machine was born.

The importance of this phase is due to the greater demand for precision brought about by the constant progress of the mechanical industry and the convenience, in terms of productivity, of giving the sliding surfaces greater resistance to wear.

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Our services can be applied in all areas of processing. These are some of them:

Grinding for the automotive industry
Grinding for the aerospace industry
Grinding for the railway industry
Grinding for the metallurgical industry
Grinding for the nuclear industry
Grinding for the aeronautical industry


Grinding of internal threads


Grinding of male threads


Tools grinding


Grinding of external gears


Grinding of worm gears


Cylindrical grinding


Simultaneous external and internal round grinding


Vertical grinding


Flat grinding

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