Our Team

Strength is in differences, not in the same things.
– Stephen Covey
Hi, there we are.

We want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us by introducing us and making our fantastic team known.

We start with the most important part of the company, our production team:

What to say about all of them… We are very satisfied with their work, they care about details, they know how to listen and they always give us very positive and constructive opinions.

Our company continues to grow thanks to their commitment, discipline, and constant spirit of improvement.
As in every company there have been difficulties that we have overcome thanks to constructive comparisons and professional attitudes of our team.

We are confident that these are the tools needed to deal with any future adversity.

We’re proud of you… !!!

Mario Giraud

He’s one of the two brothers who founded the company. He began his work in the machine tool industry in 1961, and then spent 57 years working in the metal industry.
A popular phrase says that youth is not in the biological age, but in the age of the heart. In this sense, Mario still has a young, living heart and conveys his passion of the early years for working and maintaining the quality that distinguishes us.

Mario in his free time, loves to follow his favorite team and is a great food and wine connoisseur.

Davide Giraud

Every ship must have a captain in our case is David.
And as a good captain you will often find him on the deck (“office”) and other times at the bow, stern or starboard to supervise and improve the direction of our boat.

Intuitive and innovative, Davide looks to the future of our company based on his extensive experience in mechanics.

In him you will find the answers to every dilemma, with his strong but always available character he stands out as a great captain!

In his spare time, Davide loves to be with his family, play sports and above all play with his son.

Mara Giraud

If we say we have a captain, Mara is our bridge officer (‘office’).
In it you will find the right person for all office operations, administrative management, quality and safety, but also personnel and purchases of the company.

Always positive and helpful, with a generous soul, Mara loves to cook but also to express her creativity through manual work; and she loves shopping!

Monica Coello

With more than 25 years of work in B.R.,Monica is one of the pillars of the B.R. staff.

Responsible for all administrative and accounting activities, he gives advice and a good word for all. She is synonymous with trust and professionalism.

In her free time, Monica loves to be with her family, to walk and to be a lover of animals.

Sílvia Ronchail

Efficiency and competence are just two of the many qualities that characterize Silvia, in fact she takes care of the customer care of our most important national and especially international customers and follows them in an excellent way.

In her free time Silvia loves reading, visiting museums and cycling with her family.

Mariella Sesia

Thanks to her many years of experience, in Mariella you will find precision and punctuality, she also follows national and international customers, and she does it with dedication and great empathy.

In her free time Mariella loves travelling, reading, photography, but also gardening and pilates.

Massimo Borgogno

Production manager, he puts his great experience and patience at the service of our company, which is indispensable for all of us.

Massimo loves to go running, play five-a-side football and be with his beautiful family in his free time.

Massimo Toma

Responsible for purchases and production management, last arrival in B.R., no less important, has immediately demonstrated his professionalism and a strong and dynamic character.

Massimo loves to play soccer in his spare time and be with his children.

Franco Melifiori

Head of the inserts department, in him you will find a person with many years of experience, very serious and helpful.

The professionalism distinguishes Franco, who in his spare time loves to go running and singing in his Gospel choir.

Fulvio Sforzi

It is able to offer its experience and knowledge of mechanics throughout Italy, it is our sales representative and is the first to knock on your door.

Fulvio loves to play soccer and read in his free time.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, you can contact him directly.