Where life builds walls, intelligence opens a way out

– Marcel Proust

Mechatronic engineering is a discipline focused on the study, design and development of products, devices, devices and machines with the ultimate goal of facilitating human activities through electronic and computer processes in the mechanical sector (process automation).

Industrial engineering as an interdisciplinary branch includes other engineering activities, such as aerospace engineering, electrical engineering or management engineering, and is gaining increasing market demand, especially for digital transformation.

We are an industrial partner with a high multidisciplinary capacity in technology, materials and processes that offers and guarantees added value. This added value brings competitiveness and product differentiation.

We have 2D and 3D systems, intelligent integration software, machine learning system, and collaboration platform.

Our technical department specialising in metal processing and our R+D+I department (Research, Development, Innovation) have extensive experience in the field of precision mechanics.

Our company invests heavily in high technology and innovative systems of CNC MILLING and CNC TURNING, CNC DRILLING, CNC EDM, SHARPENING, INSERTS, but also control, providing added value for our customers.


Optimize your production


Improve the quality of metal parts and metalworking services


Improve the costs and performance of metalworking processes


Provide turnkey solutions ranging from design, identification and selection of materials to production processes and integration of the most appropriate technologies for each project


Guarantee a tailor-made product with a single contact person (project manager), while optimizing your resources


Provide ongoing support and advice in any area of engineering knowledge in the development of your projects

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