Present and future

Productivity - Flexibility - Experience - Highest quality

B.R. Meccanica Italy is a family-owned company structured in 3 main areas


Parts machining on drawing


Series machining of parts for the automotive sector.


Inserts machining department

Construction of precision mechanical equipment according to customer specifications, in different materials such as hard metal, plastics, liners and special steels

    • Construction of special dies and punches for hot and cold stamping of sheet metal.
    • Construction of profiled carbide inserts.
    • Turning of small and large series..

Our innumerable experience of 45 years of history, in the field of mechanization, grinding, turning, milling, inserts together with the use of mechanical lathes, CNC, mechanical engineering based on industry 4.0, make our company a first-class partner with the highest guarantee of trust.

“Today, as in the past, B.R. is our home”,

“collaborating with B.R. means choosing the quality and innovation of a company that is strongly linked to the territory, but with a broad international vision “.

– Davide Giraud

Our value as a company can be summarized in 4 points, according to the direct experience of our employees and customers:


The last few years have allowed us to make progress in the 4.0 sector and this technological development, together with our many years of experience, offers us unique, own and intelligent manufacturing and production solutions capable of achieving a very competitive productivity for our customers.

The improvement of the working processes developed by the employees together with their R+D+I department is daily and periodic.

The company offers its employees the technological, human and training means to respect the established production processes, based on more than 45 years of experience.

Productivity is a challenge and a common goal for employees and the management team, so that together we can satisfy the production process and make it satisfactory and suitable for the industry, which is constantly evolving.


The flexibility that B.R. offers is based on the high professionalism of its employees, as well as on the experience of working in the field, being able to create unique solutions to achieve customer satisfaction.

“Digitization and the 4.0 industry will reduce costs by up to 20%, increase productivity by 8% and make the company 4% more efficient”
Luca de Meo, Presidente de Seat.

“The next few years will be crucial for manufacturers to reach digital maturity, accelerating the achievement of results that maximize business profits”
Nick Gill, Director de Automoción de Capgemini.


Quality is defined in the ISO 9000 standard as “the extent to which a set of intrinsic characteristics meets the requirements”.


45 years dedicated to industrial mechanization, in these years we have learned and understood to work with many industrial sectors. 45 years… a life.

At B.R. we believe that quality comes from the experience and specialisation of production processes with their own characteristics, which meet the appropriate requirements.

Our goal is quality. We achieve this thanks to the supervision of our technical department, where we perform random quality controls and for this reason we have developed a production process and quality certification based on the requirements of industry and our customers.