Excellence is a daily job.

Quality control is the implementation of programs, mechanisms, tools and/or techniques in a company to improve the quality of its products, services and productivity.

Quality control is a strategy that B.R. Meccanica adopts to ensure the care and continuous improvement of the quality offered to its customers and employees.

What is B.R. Meccanica looking for with quality controls and certifications?

Constant quality control is not compulsory, but it is a company decision taken by the management of B.R. Meccanica.

In this way, we guarantee minimum standards and a standardization of services and the final result. It is, therefore, oriented towards total customer satisfaction.

It establishes a structure for improving business processes which also has the advantage of guaranteeing maximum precision and final quality.

Our experience in machining systems, based on more than 45 years in the industry, gives us a guarantee of confidence that is demonstrated and supported by our leading customers in their industry sectors.

Innovation and technology have allowed us to continue to make progress in this process of constant change to improve production systems with a very positive impact on accuracy and quality.

In response to the requests of our network of collaborators and of some companies in the mechanical processing sector, our I+D+I department, engineering and quality, works together to guarantee and certify our final products.

In a very competitive industrial world, it is increasingly essential to position oneself as an efficient company committed to quality.

Our product certifications offer the possibility of satisfying customers who require more and more certified suppliers, increasing the possibility of increasing their sales in the European Union.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Quality Management System

Environmental Management System

Automotive Quality Management System

Management System for gender equality

Our joint work will be to provide you with tools and services to guarantee you

Increased sales in Europe


Improvement of quality systems


Adequate documentation


Customer loyalty

Our industrial metrology laboratory, as well as the most innovative and leading engineers and measuring arms in the industry, allow us to perform measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.7 + L/400 μm

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