The importance of precision machining in the machine and tool industry is crucial to the flexibility of machining processes for shaping mechanical components both mechanically and technically.

Today everything that includes metals probably requires precision machining. These industrial machining processes come from machining shops that have opted for computer numerical control (CNC), machining tools, which together with computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided production (CAM) software, allows the creation of plans and guides of CNC machines to produce even the most complex three-dimensional parts.

Regardless of the size of the part or material it is made of, precision machining has taken on a broader meaning, just as advances in technology have redefined the term. Rigorous precision is now required in a wide range of components and industries that are critical to today’s technologies.

We are able to detail thousands of industrial applications, and B.R. with 45 years of experience can offer the following services: